Shandong XinKaite Bearing Co., Ltd.


Shandong XinKaite Bearing Co. Ltd. is located in Yandian of Liaocheng in mainland China. Our company concentrates on manufacturing conveying machinery bearings, including conveyor idler bearing, KA bearing, spherical roller bearing, deep groove ball bearing, and also idler roller, idler roller accessories, and 0 class bearing. We enjoy high states in the industry because of our products鈥?high quality and low price, and professional stability.

Supply Ability:1000000 Pieces / per Month

Started in 2006, formerly Shandong Guan County XinKai bearing Co. Ltd., our company relies on the Yandian professional bearing market, pushes the business to market domestic and abroad. And there are many long-term fixed partners of ours within the areas centered by conveying machinery bearing industry. With our company鈥檚 gradually growing, from the rough to the bearing, we set up a one-stop production line, with a daily output of million sets. Thus to make our products have a very high market competitiveness.

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Shandong XinKaite Bearing Co., Ltd.

spherical roller bearing; deep groove ball bearing; bearing for conveyor roller; bearing

Address: Beixiaoxinzhuang W St.,
Jinan, Shandong
China, 250022

Tel: +86-15688862750
Fax: +86-0635-5638808


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