Union Brothers (China)


Union Brothers (China) Company, a division of Union Brothers USA, is an innovation-oriented manufacturer of professional photographic equipment, shipping and packaging tools as well as office products.

Our main products and service are:

(1) Photographic studio and photo lab equipment: we are a primary supplier of heavy-duty photo die cutters for photo papers, laminated sheets, magnetic sheets and PVC sheets, also a maker of camera room equipment such as camera stands (tripods), lighting support booms and automatic roller systems.

(2) Office products and supplies: we produce various size photo button machines and needed supplies, self-adhesive magnetic sheets, tape dispensers and desktop tape dispensers as well as file fasteners.

(3) Shipping and packaging related products and supplies: our products include various tapes, stretch films and their accommodation tool and equipment such as heavy duty stretch film dispensers and packaging tape dispensers.

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Union Brothers (China)

Wallet photo die cutter

Address: 19 En-Xing-Hou street at Da-Gu-Nan road,
Tianjin, Tianjin
China, 300000

Tel: 0086-22-28328337


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