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ATLANTIC Ship Model Co. is one of the famous ship model manufacturer in China. With 40 years' development in techniques of Ship Model Making, we can provide many glorious ships in history, such as H.M.S Bounty, Enterprise, May Flower, Golden Hind, Spanish Galleon, Toulonnaise, U.S. Consellation, Russia Orel, San Juan Nepomuceno, etc.

All our products available now are made of rare materials and are all produced by handcrafts. The ship models are also made with proportion of the original ones, which means to let such ships reappeared in the eyes of us. Therefore, all these ship models are valuable to be collected by private or to be expensive presents. We can aslo make OEM if our customers who have their special requirements.

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ATLANTIC Ship Model Co

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Address: Shengtai Road, Jiangning High-Tech Industry Zone,
Nanjing, Jiangsu
China, 211100

Tel: 0086-25-86871227


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