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RAE Hydrogen Healthy Equipment Co., Ltd. is a functional water treatment equipment company, which has professional produced high quality hydrogen-rich products & equipment. As a hydrogen rich technology company, RAE uphold the concept of water is the mother of life, hydrogen is the father of life, commit to the development of high-quality hydrogen rich products & equipment through technical innovation to improve people's lives.

According to the clinical research, hydrogen gas is a high safety gas which has high oxidation resistance and without any side effects. By enriching water with molecular hydrogen, water becomes much more beneficial to the human body. RAE company has an electrochemical physics method to promote hydrogen to be more in the water. To update and improve the technical content of our hydrogen rich products, RAE has worked closely with the Doctoral supervisor Mr. Siao chi bong of graduate school of Huazhong University of Science & Technology which is the inventor of electrochemical hydrogen rich generator and the writer of Chinese functional water cup rule. Now we got the patent is covered the field of water and air, such as hydrogen rich water tech., sterile water purification tech., pure water without waste water tech., negative ion air purification tech..

RAE will continues to satisfy customers who are in pursuit of healthy and convenient life in various areas using hydrogen water such as health care, hydrogen, home appliances and pharmaceutical throught continue R&D.

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RAE Hydrogen Healthy Equipment Co., Ltd.

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