Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co., Ltd


Henan Gelgoog Machinery Company mainly manufacture food processing machine, especially nut processing machine, such as nut shelling machine, roasting machine, peeling machine, cutting machine, slicing machine, strip cutting machine, coating machine, flavoring machine, grinding machine, cooling machine, packing machine,etc.
We not only offer the general model machines, but also accept customized requirement.
You can have the complete service including the design, manufacture, install, and after-sale service.
Welcome to visit our factory or you can firstly visit our website: http://www.peanutbutterm.com, and hope to be helpful to your business.

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Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co., Ltd

food processing machine, nut processing machine, peanut processing machine,peanut cutting machine,peanut coating machine,peanut grinding machine,cooling machine,packing machine

Address: No. 100, Shangdu Road,
Zhengzhou, Henan
China, 450000

Tel: 37163398802
Fax: 37163398802


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