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Infly Fastenerhas been a leader of manufacturers & factory in the fasteners industry, is that one produces the hardware & tools screw, and various kinds of fasteners are producers of the main fact, established in 1999, is an enterprise specializes in fasteners with an annual output of 1,000 tons. It has a fixed asset of RMB 2 million yuan and area of 1,000square meters. There are 50 members in our factory.
With rich experiences in techniques and perfect management systems, we are enjoying good business both at home and abroad. We specializes in: Hex Screws & bolts, Wooden screw & bolts, machine screw & bolts, Socket Screws & bolts, Slotted Screws & bolt, Cross Screws, Tapping Screws, nailed, nuts and so on at Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminium... other products of different specifications can be produced. Having advanced equipment and technological elite, the products have won trust from domestic and international customer deeply for many years, can also manufacture various kinds of nonstandard screws according to customer's enquiry(Samples, Drawing and photo).
Infly Fasteners having ability to give eminence service to our customers at professional end of the market in over 30 countries spread in Europe, Americas, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Australia. Our products were welcomed very much by our consumer in all over the country due to our good serving, top-quality, and prompt response. We have a mighty production and sales system for fasteners. Welcome the incoming telegram or Email to condescend to inquire! First-class of our company.
Screw: Dia.M2-M16(4#-5/8") Length: 4mm-60mm ( 1/4"-2"
Bolts: Dia.M12-M86 ( 1/2 "- 3.5") Length: 50mm-900mm (2"- 35")
Nuts: M5-Up.(1/4"- up)
Material: Carton steel(Gr.2-10, Class 4.6-12.9), Low steel, Mild steel, High Strength, Alloy steel.

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Infly Industry Inc Fasteners System

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