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Shanghai Belonger Electronics Co.,Ltd. is a global enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing printer consumables and other computer peripherals,such as inkjet cartridge,toner cartridge,toner,ribbon,ink refills,keyboard,mouse and so on.
Our Headquarter is located in Shanghai,and our branch is located in Zhejiang.
Our vision is to supply world-class products and service to our customers at competitive price, with quality that is second to none.
Quality is our first priority. All our products are processed under the guide of ISO9001 Quality Assurance System. We have implemented continuous improvement strategies that have streamlined our manufacturing process further, and we continue to optimize our fabrication techniques today. Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction not only with top quality products, but with outstanding service as well.

We always push the technology envelope to the limit and beyond. Our dedicated team of professional engineers work rigorously to develop improved manufacturing and fabrication technique that take our product design to new heights. We are dedicated to investing in your future by blazing a trail for tomorrow's IT industry.

We believe win-win situations are the key to our successful cooperation. We hope to build a trust-worthy partnership with your company and achieve great success together in the coming years.

Add: No.2072,Songjin Road,Zhangyan Industrial Park,Jinshan District,Shanghai, P.R.China, 201514
Tel.: +86-21-57201702
Fax: +86-21-57200430

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Shanghai Belonger Electronics Co.,Ltd.


Address: No.2072,Songjin Road,Zhangyan Industrial Park,Jinshan District,
Shanghai, Shanghai
China, 201514

Tel: +86-21-57201702
Fax: +86-21-57200430


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